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Media City in Manchester was the venue for Peugeots 208 launch in June. By now, many of you will have seen the TV advert for 208 & may even have had a butchers at the viral campaign using Rudimentals ” Feel the Love, ” which made it to the UK No 1 in the charts, on the back of the campaign,

Peugeots tag line for 208 is that it’s smaller on the outside, but is bigger on the inside than the outgoing 207. It’s also miles better in every respect & will like the 508, reinvigorate Peugeot here in the UK, with a car that more than matches up to the B sector leader Fiesta & leaves both Vauxhalls Corsa & VW’s Polo in its wake.

Firstly, it’s 114 kg on average per model, lighter than the 207, with the weight saving coming from all aspects of the new car. The cabin is light years ahead of the 207 & is up there with the best in its class. The diameter of the steering wheel has been reduced, which forces  the driver to engage with the 208, which is comfortably Peugeots best handling 2 Series since the 205. It’s a small detail, but one that really pays off, as whether you drive the 3 cylinder petrol or the 115 bhp 1.6 diesel model, the car is great fun to drive, with the small steering wheel a major plus in achieving this. The 208’s suspension too, is excellent, allowing one to throw the car into corners & emerge quickly smiling on the other side, just like the old 205.

Peugeot made a big deal of it’s Touch Screen, which offers intuitive technology in the 208, including lots of apps  to go with the radio, Bluetooth, MP3 & USB connectivity.It was simple to navigate, pretty to look at & rather clever at the same time & again helps lift the 208 ahead of the chasing pack.

There’s plenty of head & leg room in the front & rear of the 208, as well as a surprisingly good sized boot. With two kids, the 5 door would be my choice & probably that of most fleet customers, even though the 3 door is more attractive to look at. Indeed, Peugeot are suggesting that 38% of 208 sales will come from the fleet sector, with a 74%/26% split of overall sales petrol to diesel.

Having tried both engines, the diesel is definitely the better for longer journeys, as it’s more powerful through the low revs & with six forward gears is also more comfortable on the motorway. So, this should be the more poular fleet choice. For city driving, the cheaper petrol models work better, although you do have to wait for the revs to rise before you can get the punchy power to work for you.

Peugeot have five specs for the 208, from the entry level Access, through Access +, Active, Allure & Feline, with the Active set to be the most popular choice amongst UK customers. Emissions wise, the 1 lire 3 cylinder petrol engines emit 99g/km of CO2, with the HDi diesels all coming in under 99g/km, with the best  diesel giving out only 87g/km… pretty impressive.

Peugeot had 3000 pre orders for the 208 here in the UK & I have no doubt that this will be spectacularly eclipsed by sales over the remainder of the year. With Peugeots ” Just Add Fuel ” campaign still running, anyone with a family member under 25 can take advantage of the frankly bonkers deals to lease or buy a 208 from not much more than £200 a month including insurance. I just hope that this offer is still going in two years when my daughter hits 17 !

Peugeot continue their rise, with what is a tremendous little car that is now up with the best on class. 4/5.

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