Peugeot 308 petrol

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308 petrol

Peugeot 308 Active e-THP 130

Whilst many cars manufacturers have either gone down the diesel or Hybrid route for their next generation frugal vehicles, Peugeot, having already created a BlueHDI range of fuel efficient diesels have also considered the benefits of customers owning a low emission petrol car. In times gone by this would have meant a feebly underpowered 1 to 1.4 litre petrol engine offering neither fuel economy nor performance. Luckily, as technology has progressed, Peugeot have managed to create a petrol engined car that ticks both of these boxes & have luckily for us, put their new creation in the current European Car of the Year the Peugeot 308.

When you step inside a 308 it’s east to see why it won this coveted award. Not only does it look good, it’s also fun to drive, practical, very well thought out inside comes with a range of petrol & Diesel engines that are easy on your pocket.

Peugeot always felt that the benchmark model that they should measure the new 308 to is the Volkswagen Golf. Having driven both, it’s easy to see why Peugeot are smiling because what used to be a huge gap between their respective C Sector models, is now tiny, with the Golf in my humble opinion only just beating the 308 in one category build quality, but it’s a very close thing. The 308 is a better looking car than the Golf, the 308’s interior is far more interesting & modern more in tune with what young people are looking for in a car today, as well as offering customers a proper five door family hatchback at very competitive prices.

I had the chance to test the new petrol 308 recently & found that like it’s diesel compatriots, Peugeot have done a splendid job in making in this case a 1198cc engine, perky & fun to drive, with a 0-62 mph time of 9.6 seconds . The real surprise though is the almost turbo-diesel like torque through the mid-range, which pilots the 308 with up to 130 bhp which is definitely not what you expect from such a small engine.

It goes without saying that the 308 Active test car I drove, even being the second model up in a range of four, comes well equipped with 16″ alloys, LED daytime running lights, electric front windows, cruise control with speed limiter dual zone air-con, rear parking sensors, leather steering wheel & gear stick, automatic headlights with follow-me-home function wipers, a 9.7″ multi-function touchscreen infotainment system, DAB, SatNav, Bluetooth & a USB input all for just £17,495.

Coupled with great performance are surprisingly good emissions for a petrol car, 107g/km with a combined fuel economy of 61.4 mpg. Whilst this may lag behind the economy of Peugeots new Blue HDI 1.6 diesel launched later this year, which offers a combined figure of 91.1 mpg & just 82g/km of CO2 emissions, it really is a step in the right direction by Peugeot & the main reason is because the petrol powered 130 model costs £17,229, whilst the BlueHDi costs £19,095 , a saving of £1866 ! And, for those of you who like a bit of oomph, the 130 petrol model is fully two seconds quicker to reach 62 mph from a standing start than the new Blue HDi.

Again like the diesel 308, there’s a massive return to form with this Peugeots handling & it’s a really fun car to drive whether around town or up & down the motorway. Company car drivers may still want to look at the diesel option first but don’t ignore the petrol 308 because if you are only driving 6000 miles per annum, it may work out cheaper for you in the long run than the diesel.

Petrol heads will love this 4/5.


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