Citroen C4 exclusive HDi 150 6 speed manual

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The more you ignore me the closer I get.

I drove the C4 about 18 months ago & although I liked the cars looks, interior, spec & feel, I felt that it would always be a better car to drive in diesel than in petrol. To say this was an understatement is well an understatement. Citroen let me loose in the 2 litre diesel 150 bhp version & it totally blew the petrol 1.6 away & made what was essentially a boring car to drive into one which was brilliant fun ! It also made me reassess my thoughts on the C4 & made me realise that if you put a great engine in a car it is always going to lift that car to new heights.
The C4 is ostensibly Citroens version of a Golf or Focus. To confuse buyers, Citroen also offers the DS4 a funkier more design led model, which although C4 sized, is to all intense & purposes completely different in almost every way. This would seem then to leave the C4 at a disadvantage as it is the more normal of the two. However, that is not necessarily the case as I will try to explain.
The C4 is a 5 door family hatchback, with a well laid out interior, comfortable seats, a good quality cabin & an exceptionally good ride with precise handling. It’s certainly more day to day friendly than the DS4 which sits higher on the road, has a dark cabin & has rear windows which can’t be opened. Because the C4 offers a more supple ride, it’s actually better to drive around town than the DS4 & with the 150 bhp engine is tremendously good fun to drive with a0-62 mph time of just 8.6 seconds & a top speed of 129 mph. Fuel economy is good too, with a combined figure of 56.5 mpg. I drove the C4 500 miles & still had 60 miles left in the 60 litre tank when I gave it back to Citroen & averaged just over 48 mpg which considering the cars acceleration was pretty impressive. CO2 emissions on my test model are 130g/km, so it’s not going to win you Brownie points with the tax man, but all in all the C4 with this engine is a hoot to drive & better than the DS4.
My test car was the range topping Exclusive which came super equipped with added options including pearlescent paint, eMyWay colour sat nav, a Denon hi-fi pack, vision pack which include the really useful especially on the motorway, blind spot monitoring via the wing mirrors, Mistral Claudia leather heated seats & a panoramic sunroof with electric sun blind, making my test car over £23,000 on the road. For those of you looking for cheaper motoring, the cheapest diesel is the HDi 90 VTR from £16,725 otr whilst the 115 bhp diesel the most logical for SME’s, starts at  & 20,395 otr, or leased from around £189 + vat a month for the VTR+ model, which ain’t half bad. My advice is to avoid the underpowered & underperforming 1.6 petrol.
What a difference 18 months & a great engine makes to the C4. I would happily drive this model every day & honestly believe that it’s more fun than the DS4 if not quite as sexy, more a wolf in sheeps clothing & guaranteed to catch a few speedsters out as it hides it’s form well.
Overall, a St Germain de Pres 4 /5.

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