Mazda CX-5 2.2D SE-L Nav 150ps 2WD

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Launched in 2012, the Mazda CX5 had a London Olympiads worth of praise & honours bestowed on it as it hit the ground running with Mazdas new SkyActiv technology. Being slightly behind the times rather than ahead of the game,

CCV finally got it’s hands on the CX5 in April 2013 & after 400 miles & a week behind the wheel it was easy to see why it has been praised.
Delivered in ‘Chelsea Blue’ the CX5 was off to a good start & when parked alongside Mrs Walkers Qashqai, waht struck me was that it is markedly larger. Enter the car & it’s Tardis like internal proportions really hit home, with loads of headroom all around & plenty of room for 3 adults in the back. The boot is huge, 503 litres increasing to a mammoth 1620 litres if the rear seats are folded down, which by the way is simple to do.
Having just driven the Mazda6, it was clear to me that the dashboard & internal layout are almost identical, which means nice soft touch plastic , easy to use controls, a simple Mazda version of i Drive, a hard to find start button & Bluetooth that I couldn’t connect to ( again ). Don’t be fooled though, because these little glitches did not put me off the CX5 interior at all, as I found it a good place to be.
Perhaps the highlight of driving the CX5 with its’s 2.2 diesel engine, is well the engine. Quiet is the first thing you notice, particularly for a diesel, smooth too & with a nice turn of speed from the 148 bhp. Like the Mazda6 it handles exceptionally well for a biggish car, feeling more saloon like than SUV like if you no what I mean. This really is a bonus as most SUV’s although incredibly popular just do not engage the driver like smaller cars, offering practicality over enjoyment.
SkyActiv means that the CX5 is both fun & frugal in equal measure. It takes just 9.2 seconds to reach 62 mph, going on to hit 126 mph, whilst delivering class leading 61.4 mpg on the combined with just 119g/km in CO2 emissions. As regualr readers will know, I like to look at real world figures for fuel economy & rarely if ever does a week in any car give me anywhere close to the claimed manufacturers figures. The Mazda6 was great averaging 47 mpg for my 400 miles over 7 days. However, the CX5 with the same engine & the same driver me, only managed a shade over 36 mpg. I was I have to say very surprised & can only put it down to more driving in traffic, the fact that the car only had 300 miles on the clock & it’s larger profile. For Mad Men fans, if the Mazda6 is svelt Megan Draper, the CX5 is curvaceous Joan Harris.
Friends, neighbours & strangers all seemed to like the CX5 as it garnered several positive comments from amongst others a delivery driver who runs an old Mazda6 & was thinking of changing to either a Qashqai or CX5.” There’s only one winner here ” I told him ” & it’s not the Nissan.” The Mazda may be more expensive to buy,( my test car retailed at £23,395) & to lease & also considerably larger than the Nissan, but it offers better fuel economy, lower emissions & a cracking 2.2 diesel engine with a bit of oomph, sadly lacking in or own Qashqai. The other thing that the CX5 offers over the Qashqai is uniqueness, as Nissan have sold every man & his dog one over the past 3 years. Mazda I’m sure would love to replicate that success with the CX5 but they may just have to settle for a smaller percentage, with Mazdas sales target for 2013 being a very achievable 6000 units.
The CX5 impressed me much & more importantly made me realise that you can have an SUV that is actually good to drive, with sparkling performance, low emissions & good fuel economy, although the latter wasn’t quite as high as I had expected.  A Sterling Cooper Draper Price 3.75 out of 5

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