Magazine Rate Card

Company Car & Van is the fleet magazine for those in charge of sub-100-vehicle fleets.

Published six times a year in print as a 64-page, A4 colour magazine & six times a year in digital format, which averages 30,000 impressions per edition, it is circulated to named individuals within SME fleets & is read by 12,000 end users, company directors and fleet managers – who run over 125,000 cars, 120,000 commercial vehicles & pick-ups, as well as 7,000 light trucks up to 18 tonnes.

Where other fleet magazines aim at fleets of 200 vehicles-plus, as well as one-man-bands, Company Car & Van appeals to those running smaller fleets – managers who, along with their employees, have the scope to make their own purchasing decisions and directly influence the make-up of their business’s fleet. Each issue features comprehensive coverage of new car and commercial vehicle’s, cost analysis, vehicle contract hire & leasing, vehicle rental, fleet software, legal advice and driver training.

Company Car & Van aims to spotlight those franchises and franchised dealers who want to deal with smaller, local fleets by featuring cars, trucks and CVs that fleet managers may not have considered before, including EV’s, Hybrid & Natural Power.

Company Car & Van takes a different approach to the buying decisions of small fleets, by providing an independent view of the vehicles they are considering for purchase and is a key part of the decision-making strategy of those working in the private sector and running fleets of fewer than 100 vehicles.

Issues Published

Company Car & Van is published bi-monthly, with a cover date as follows:
February, April, June, August, October and December.
The print date is usually the 18th of the month preceding the cover date. Copy date is usually the 15th of the month prior to the cover date

Rates and Data From April 1 2018

Full page:
Without bleed (left):
277mm (h) x 186mm (w)
With bleed (right):
297mm (h) x 210mm (w)
Please remember to add
3mm all round for bleed
Cost: £1495

Double page spread:
297mm (h) x 420mm (w)
Please remember to add
3mm all round for bleed
Cost: £2195

Half page:
Without bleed:
130mm (h) x 186mm (w)
Cost: £895

Quarter page:
130mm (h) x 86mm (w)
Cost: £495

Covers & Special positions: Prices on request
Agency discount is set at 10% for finished artwork.

Technical data

Company Car & Van prefers artwork as a high resolution pdf. Please ensure all fonts are embedded before creating the pdf, and all colours are converted to CMYK.
Artwork will also be accepted in Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark and InDesign formats, although originators must supply all necessary fonts, licences and graphics.

Contact details

Advertising sales/editorial:
Andrew Walker, WAM Ltd, Tel: 0161 941 4296. M: 07734264735. or
Advertising copy/accounts:
Jo Walker, WAM Ltd, Tel: 0161 928 8593 E: